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The dashboard and the TruxTrax app give you real-time visibility into your fleet with GPS location tracking, Two-way communication, Alerts and Reminders.

Vehicle Tracking

Make informed and immediate decisions with GPS Location Tracking for all of your drivers and vehicles in real-time.

Use Truxtrax to provide clients with estimated arrival times, direct drivers to alternate routes and to optimize your pick-up and delivery planning.


Connect with one or one thousand of your drivers on the road in real-time.

Two-way communication allows you to send and receive attachments such as pictures and files, and communicate about weather warnings, road traffic status, and route updates.

Alerts & Reminders

This feature allows you to program specific driver related or vehicle related alerts and reminders.

Technical inspections, entering a new state, delivery times, and even to take a break.  Each driver or fleet can have its own set of alerts and reminders giving you full flexibility.

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