Complete and total visibility

From the mobile app directly to the dashboard, TruxTrax Reporting calculates your IFTA, Fuel, Mileage, Trip and Expense, giving you a complete view.

IFTA and IRP reports

With the information gathered from the mobile app, you can generate your IFTA & IRP reports directly from the dashboard.

Simply choosing any combination of variables such as the number of trucks, type of fuel, reporting period, and tolls.

Fuel and Expenses Reports

Every Fuel purchase or expense a driver may have can be entered directly into the application and pushed directly to your dashboard.

Simply input a quick description, the category, the amount and the currency in which the purchases were made.

State mileage reports

IFTA and IRP reports depend on the collection of the distances travelled in each state or province.

The TruxTrax app automatically registers the crossing of borders from one state to the other and allocate each mile travelled in a specific state into a total distance for that state or province.

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